Truck Art Lantern


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Truck Art Lantern

  • 12 inches height.
  • Can be used as show piece.
  • Hand painted with truck art concept to look beautiful & attractive.
  • Made in Pakistan.
  • One of the most known art of Pakistan is called as truck art. truck not only used for the object delivery purpose but in Pakistan, truck are being decorated with bright paint , mirror , bells, chams motifs of (birds, flower, farmer, personalities, animals, fish), glittery sheets, stickers, battery operated lights, small bells, juggling chain, bead work and wood work.
  • Truck art is popular because of the handwork and artistry of the painters. Truck art is has been used as a theme by many fashion designers, industrialist, transport companies, clothing function for the selling of the products.
  • We believe in the vibrancy of life, uniqueness and the holistic experiences it has to offers.



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